vinyl wraps

Heavy Duty Dam, Tank & Pond Liners

As the world is increasingly changing new technologies are providing benefit for a rapidly growing population and challenges to the environment. In a country like Australia we can’t afford to take our precious water resources for granted. With the unseasonable weather conditions water storage in Australia is an extremely high priority, therefore containment methods must be matched with quality materials.

BMS takes pride in supplying superior quality Tank Liners to Australians with confidence that their products will always be able to continually meet varied and often difficult range of applications. With reliable, economical and stable industrial lining backed by our realistic Warranties, BMS is the leader in providing liner materials for water management solutions.

BMS Elvaline and Elvaforce are made from a high molecular weight polymer sheet created with Dupont Elvaloy® technology. This allows our membrane liners to be used within the speciality market with confidence that our product will meet the demands of high performance, chemical resistance and ease of fabrication.

Dupont Elvaloy® is technology that has been proven over numerous decades internationally and is recognised as a superior product.

The combination of certified Potability and excellent chemical resistance Elvaline and Elvaforce are products that offer low volatility, ease of compounding and manufacturing and ultimately an outstanding life.

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