vinyl wraps

Heavy duty vinyl film for industrial applications

BMS Group offers a wide choice of industrial grade vinyl film, suitable for many types of heavy-duty applications such as:

  • Pool liners
  • Dam liners
  • Geomembranes
  • Bathroom shower waterproofing


Our industrial vinyl film is:

  • available in a large range of fade-resistant colours and finishes
  • highly stable and shrink-resistant
  • strong and flexible
  • available in a range of sizes


Tough Vinyl Film for Swimming Pools

BMS Group's BelAqua pool liner vinyl is available in a range of plain and printed patterns to suit every type of style and setting.

Manufactured with a high quality European pigment, its colour remains highly stable even under the harshest conditions.

We offer all the classic favourites along with the latest trends in colour and design. We can also develop a customised colour or print to suit your requirements.

For more information, please visit our pool liners page.

Vinyl Liners for Dams, Tanks & Ponds

BMS Group offers a range of heavy-duty vinyl liners that safely and securely retain water in many types of applications.

Our vinyl liners are ideal for all types of:

  • Tanks
  • Dams
  • Ponds
  • Bathroom shower waterproofing
To see more information, visit our page about dam and pond liners,

    Durable Geomembranes Under Any Environment

    BMS Group's range of geomembranes offer a flexible and strong barrier that can stabilise land areas and prevent the transmission of chemicals in ground areas of all sizes.

    Our range of geomembranes include:

    • ElvaLine (unreinforced)
    • ElvaForce (reinforced)


    Backed by BMS Warranty

    BMS takes pride in supplying superior quality Tank Liners to Australians with confidence that their products will always be able to continually meet varied and often difficult range of applications. With reliable, economical and stable industrial lining backed by our realistic Warranties, BMS is the leader in providing liner materials for water management solutions.

    BMS Elvaline and Elvaforce are made from a high molecular weight polymer sheet created with Dupont Elvaloy® technology. This allows our membrane liners to be used within the speciality market with confidence that our product will meet the demands of high performance, chemical resistance and ease of fabrication.

    Dupont Elvaloy® is technology that has been proven over numerous decades internationally and is recognised as a superior product.

    The combination of certified Potability and excellent chemical resistance Elvaline and Elvaforce are products that offer low volatility, ease of compounding and manufacturing and ultimately an outstanding life.

    We would be pleased to discuss your requirements with you. Contact us today by email or by phone on +61 2 9316 5188 to discover how BMS Group offers the broadest range of quality vinyl film for all types tanks, dams and ponds, delivered fast.


    For more information about our Vinyl Products, check out our online specifications! View our Fact Sheets