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Vinyl Pool Liner Range in Colours & Patterns

BMS Group’s BelAqua® pool liner vinyl is available in a range of plain and printed patterns to suit every type of style and setting.

Manufactured with a high quality European pigment, its colour remains highly stable even under the harshest conditions.

We offer all the classic favourites along with the latest trends in colour and design. We can also develop a customised colour or print to suit your requirements.

Up to 5yr - 10yr Guarantee on all Pool Liners

Our strong and durable vinyl film is the low-maintenance, trouble-free choice for all types of domestic and commercial grade pools.

Included in our range is a reinforced vinyl film which is popular for high-use pools such as school and municipal pool facilities.

We would be pleased to discuss your requirements with you.

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BelAqua® Reinforced

BMS Group Australia Pty Ltd has created a superior material to cater specifically for the high demands of commercial pool surfaces.

BelAqua Reinforced is made from a new polymer technology that fuses together 3 piles to form a strong, flexible and water-tight material. The properties of the first layer have high dimensional stability and tensile strength. The second layer consists of a scrim, which is a grid type material controlling stretch, while the third and external layer has been designed with a tactile surface to interact with water, chemicals and ultra violet light. Thus the result is an impervious skin membrane that has little competition to its superior quality.


BelAqua can easily be installed using thermal welding techniques to provide a strong, smooth, waterproof and durable finish.

New and Existing Pools

If BelAqua is integrated into the initial pool design and engineering process it can reduce the overall structural costs of any type of pool; heated indoor to Olympic size outdoor.

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