vinyl wraps

Pool Liner Vinyl

BMS BelAqua®  pool liner  is available in a range of plain and printed patterns to suit every type of style and setting for Above and Below ground pools.

Dam & Tank Liner Vinyl

BMS Group offers a range of heavy-duty vinyl liners that safely and securely retain water in many types of applications.


BMS Group’s range of Geomembrane’s offer a flexible and strong barrier that can stabilise land areas and prevent the transmission of chemicals in ground areas of all sizes.

Hospital Film

Medical grade vinyl film and fabric for a variety of applications and available in a large range of colours and finishes, including gloss, matte and taffeta.

Board Laminates

BMS Mulitclad Vinyl Laminate can be used in many different types of applications for example: Domestic Wardrobes, Modular Building Panels and Particle Board for internal use.

Graphic Board

BMS Group offers a range of 100% recycled Graphic Board, White Lined Board and Solid White Board, which is suitable for many types of applications. 

Stationery Film

BMS Group offers a wide choice of vinyl film, suitable for many types of stationery applications.

Book Binding

BMS Group offers a range of bookbinding components including: Ring Metals, Buckram and more.


BMS has an extensive range of gauges from 0.38mm to 1.9mm with a vast colour range to match.

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